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My humble beginnings took shape in the local boy's brigade playing the bagpipes and great fun it was too.. it also served as an early introduction to the perils of after gig indulgence. My Guitar apprenticeship began when a family member gave me a battered acoustic he found discarded in a park in Glasgow. From there I graduated to dying the hair black and playing the Bass in a local Goth band, all the while taking in a fantastic variety of sounds from friends record collections - Tom Waits, Peter Gabriel , Bernard Herrmann , John Barry , Syd Barrett , Nick Drake etc. from there my musical horizons have broadened greatly, taking in roles in various songwriting / band collaborations to achieving a diploma in Media Composition. Up to present I've been added to the roster of a Glasgow based sync licencing company called SYNCME (Neon Productions), in London - Treasure Hunte Productions and in America - Negative Sound Publishing & Manifest Media.


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over 30 days ago to John Mordecai

'Ananta' creative and imaginative!

Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago to John Mordecai

Dear John, Hope you ain't deed. Loved your Dark Deed, Brother. Come into the Light! - St. Nick

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John Mordecai
over 30 days ago

Hi Nick , thanks for your gracious words my friend. Not my time yet as I have a lot more to do and contemplate before I return to the void :) I've been busy the last year gigging and keeping a revolving cast going in the band I'm in (Degas). Big Changes are afoot though, some re-invention is sorely needed and has been agreed on by us all. An interesting time lies ahead.. John 1

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