Hi my name is Joe Oliver. I live in a small town in Pennsylvania called Jim Thorpe. Come on over and listen to me. The songs are all about life experiences. They might not sound like anything else you've ever heard. I grew up without a T.V. or Radio and only went to School until 3rd grade. So, obviously it's hard for me to list influences. The only music I had access to as a kid was Johnny Cash and the Beach boys via record playing. My website is www.burnoutinbosnia.com as well as the title of my first album. You can hear your favorite songs on www.pennspeakradio.com Tuesdays from 7pm to 10pm and Saturdays from 7am to 10am. Stop by and check it out!
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Woke up outside of St. Louis
Looking for a reason to live yeah
Trying to find a way to give

Open up that Bono Horizon
Searching for the U2 in me
If there’s a will there’s a way
I just got to be free yeah

Tell on Live on Grow on yeah, yeah, yeah

Move on yeah
Live on
Got to live on
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I was gonna do a little ghost ridin’
Trying to find Beverly Hills
Guess I Must have had a little bad timin’
‘Cause I don’t see no frills or thrills no

Woke up outside of San Fransisco
Looking for a way back home
A Greyhound and a little slow going
Well here I am back from roamin’


Its time to live

Anytime I think about
St. Louis
I look into the mirror and
Think yeah
Wonder if the face I’m seein’
Now is the one you
Care about


slo man joe

Slo Man Joe

Y’all ready for this

I can smell a cat
from a mile away
You better hit the road honey
Get on your way
Better it turn around and hit the
Road yeah
I can turn a dime into a
Memphis night
Pretty little woman get on this ride
I’m gonna show you why you’re
Mamma was right girl
Cause I’m built for speed little woman
I can tell what you need
Slo man Joe he’s gonna
Knock ya, Knock ya off your feet

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