The first thing that strikes you listening to Joel Streeter are his strong melodies and unforgettable hooks. Literate and intelligent harmonies and introspective lyrics define his style, drawing comparisons to artists such as Wilco, Badly Drawn Boy, Neil Finn, Elliot Smith and the Beatles.

After graduating from Wesleyan University in 2001, Joel moved to Washington, DC and formed Spy Cellar. Spy Cellar quickly became one of the most talked about bands in the DC area, selling out shows at clubs such as Staccato and T.T. Reynold’s.

In 2003, Joel moved to San Francisco to pursue a solo career, quickly earning a local following playing venues such as the Red Devil Lounge and Ireland's 32. Joel, working with producer Jerry Becker (Rob Hotchkiss of Train) and accomplished drummer Eric Kurtzrock (David Byrne), began recording his self-titled, debut album in February 2004. The album is due out in June 2005.
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