Marcie and Joel live in Ithaca NY. We have been artists since birth. We have won numerous awards and accolades for our music. We are not very good at writing our own bio and do not seek others to write for we recommend that you listen to our music to understand what we stand for and what we want to give to the world. Peace
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over 30 days ago to joel and marcie beaton

I love your music so much! I listen to your songs a lot that I've even memorized some of the lyrics and I sometimes catch myself humming to the melodies. The story and the message behind the songs are so intense and beautiful. Honestly a few tears roll down my cheeks when I close my eyes and just listen. I can relate to a few of your songs and I think it's so powerful how through your music other people can relate as well. Your music is so spiritual, beautiful, and strong. Marcie, I love your singing voice. it's so beautiful and angelic, and what makes it pure beauty is how your singing isn't just coming from your mouth, it's coming from your heart and soul, it's real and that's so alluring. Joel, I love the melodies, the guitar, and the music in the background that makes the whole music all together just absolutely graceful. When I close my eyes and just listen, I sometimes picture the story in my mind that is being told and what a masterpiece. Joel and Marcie, you both have done such a magnificent and beautiful job that your music is the definition of peace, strength, and beauty. I deeply love it and I hope you both never stop, keep making music. The world needs to hear this and know that peace and love always wins! God Bless you all

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