Miles Davis, the famed trumpet player and composer, was once asked his opinion of Folk music. He stated that "All music is folk music." I like this statement because it frees us all up to be creative. So, while my acoustic guitar music is classified as Folk, it moves into Classical, Blues, Country and really... anywhere it wants to take me. I hope the music you hear on my website takes you to as many good places as it has me and my loved ones. Peace, Joe Dieter

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Hi, Joe Dieter here.
I have changed webhosts and I am now affiliated with Broadjam. I am available for performance and have many creative musicians and artists available to me to create a memorable and unique performance, or I can just play guitar. Contact me, Thanks

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I have been playing guitar for 38 years. My Martin 0-16 NY guitar has been with me for 28 years and it has a fabulous sound that I would not trade for any other guitar. I am a family man, teacher and friend. I live in Madison, WI and I like winter so it is a great place for me to live. I am interested in most things and try not to hate.
Peace, Joe Dieter

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