Jeff Fresh was born on September 18,1986 in Florida, USA.His also known as Young Nino Fresh and The Fresh Guy.He has stated that his favorite artists are, Tupac, Eminem, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Lil wayne, Rick James, and 50 Cent. Jeff Fresh started taking rap music seriously in 2007. On his college campus, Jeff Fresh freestyle for fun while turning to the streets to economically keep himself afloat. As a pure lyricist Jeff Fresh he has demonstrate that he can work with any kind of artists from the east coast to west coast producers.

Without a major label recording contract,the Florida native Jeff Fresh still find a way to increase his fan base with his music and being a true role model to his community.Jeff Fresh is an intelligent and deliberate man,and is loyal to the people he surrounds himself with.It's clear that Jeff Fresh has exactly what it takes to ride down the road to riches and diamond rings.
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