Jean, "Pokito", Almatas is leader of the band Jean P Jam.....a special blend of world beat music he calls DEEP ROOTS.

Pokito has toured in Asia, Europe and the USA while with other top bands.

His debut album, KEEP WALKING, for which he wrote, composed and produced himself, has received much local acclaim.

Being no stranger to the Miami club/event scene, he was honored to play at the Bob Marley Festival in Miami.

Pokito is an overlooked undiscovered talent. He is ready for bookings, touring, a songwriting deal and/or recording/distribution contract.

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Jean Almatas (Pokito) was born in Haiti where he began his musical exploration with Konpa and Racine styles. At the early age of 16, he started working as a guitar player in bands such as Serpico; Do Re Mi Jazz, Shaky-Shaky, and the Konpa Express. Upon completing his education, he went on tour with Gemini Allstars as bass player across the French Caribbean, Europe, U.S. and Canada. At 21, he joined Magnum Band, one of the most prominent bands in Haiti at the time. In 1987 the band was invited for a USA tour and Pokito remained in New York City performing with Magnum for 2 years. He later moved to Miami where he currently resides as one of South Floridas leading musicians, working as a highly sought after freelance artist blending styles and forms that span the Reggae World music scene as we know it. He has worked with such notable musicians as Richie Marley and Cedella Marley (Mother B). Local bands include: No Man Gin, Me and the Blue Dog, The Aristocrats, Raggamuffin Soldier, Ruff Tuff, Islanders etc. After touring to Japan with Richie Marley, he decided to put his band Jean P Jam together in 2002 where he introduced his original world beat style called Deep Roots. Today he is a talented singer/songwriter bringing to us deeply rooted rhythms with globally encompassing lyrics to share, inspire, and expand what we know as world music. Jean P Jam's original album KEEP WALKING is available at


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