John Croissier (JC) an artist , producer, sound engineer plays an array of musical styles and instrurments, specializing in guitar and percussion; he has performed and recorded with various artists over the past twenty years.
JC's distinct sound productions consist of his own blend of smooth electronica, driving rock, melodic acoustic instrumentation, latin percussion and emotional orchestral pieces.
He creates and develops unique sound cues for film and television, JC's unique instrumentals have been used in several TV & FILM libraries & placements in Animal Planet & Losing it: Fat Camp Plus several films . JC enjoys working in his one man production studio being the composer , performing artist and sound engineer involved. JC owns 100% rights and copyright of all compositions with BMI.

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As a producer, artist and engineer I keep up my stamina with my passion for music,Healthy life style.
I highly recommend taking vitamin supplements and daily intense work outs to everyone in our industry . Your body will thank you and you will get more done verses talking about it..


John Croissier (JC) has lived all over the U.S. Having absorbed a variety of music genres in his home,
he now plays an array of musical styles and insturments, specializing in
guitar and percussion, and has performed and recorded with various artists over the past
twenty years. JC's sound productions consist of blends of Classic Rock Guitar, Electronica, Pop, Blues,
Country and Latin music. JC is a full time, professional artist focused and commited to deliver
work on time. His primary work consists of creating and developing unique soundtracks for film
and television. An independent studio artist, he alone writes, performs, records, engineers
and produces finished music in his studio from concept to completed product.
JC is flexible and commercially adaptable.


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