"Few are able to tap into the rap/pop zeitgeist like this artist, who has mounted an impressive array of tracks that exude an instantly commercial appeal. "Goddy Body" epitomizes his work, a get-down-and-party song that would sound great in the clubs. "My Show" has a really strong bassline and is an altogether well-produced track where everything blends and weaves perfectly. "Summatime," however, is the song that should be on the radio right now. This instantly hooky song, featuring rapper MoZ, is a keeper. Web: www.jaysin.com; myspace.com/jaysin3000 "
- Mark Nardone, Music Connection Magazine "TOP 25 ARTISTS"

Latest News

"Jaysin and DJ Ground Beef were spotted at the West Coast Re-up Battle in Long Beach, CA's, Copa Cabana recently. Jaysin, who was one of MC's Top 25 New Music Critiques of 2009, hosted and performed along with Menage. The show was organized by Ground Beef and General and was presented by T9 productions. Pictured (L-R): Jaysin and Beef. For more information, visit www.jaysin.com"
- Music Connection Magazine - June 2010

Jaysin Full Bio



Talent, presence, style and versatility - these are the makings of an unforgettable musical artist. In today's world of cookie-cutter idols, and studio-manufactured talent, rarely do you find them all in one person. JAYSiN, a singer/songwriter from California, is an artist with all these attributes and more.

JAYSiN began singing at age 6, and since then, singing, performing, and songwriting have been his passion. Growing up in the Bay Area exposed him to the edgier side of R&B and rap, which shows through in his writing, stage presence and energy-filled performances. Now residing in Los Angeles, JAYSiN has performed at some of the hottest Hollywood clubs, in front of audiences of 20,000+, and private industry parties.

JAYSiN is a hip-hop inspired pop artist - more of an MC than just a singer. His influences include old school funk and R&B icons such as George Clinton, Roger & the Zapp Band, Shai, and Hi-Five. His style is akin to T-Pain, Prince, George Michael, and R. Kelly - all amazing live performers. JAYSiN believes "the true test of a singer is how you sound live... no tricks, no effects, just talent."

In addition to his strong vocal abilities, he does his own back vocals, stacks and creates intricate harmonies and arranges his songs. Word of his talent as a musician, and his gift for clever lyrics and provocative hooks has already led him to work with many talented and respected industry people and has earned him the honor of being named #5 in Music Connection Magazine's December Issue Top 25 New Music Critiques of 2009. News of his growing success has also inspired Craiglist.org to film a Documentary about JAYSiN and his music. JAYSiN's song "MY SHOW" has landed on the Pony International Compilation "On Tha Loose" and recently he teamed up with Konvict Muzik Group to collaborate on the well-received single, "GODDY BODY". JAYSiN is now receiving Major Distribution interest

A hardcore performer, JAYSiN is building a loyal fan base by infusing the rawness of hip-hop with the universal appeal of pop to create something that is not only marketable, but truly unique and transcends genres. JAYSiN's sound and ability to write songs with chart-topping power, along with his image and exciting shows, guarantees he will be making headlines.

JAYSiN has also caught the attention of Hollywood with his music appearing on a Showtime feature film soundtrack and some local commercials. JAYSiN continues to write his own material, expanding his already impressive library of fun, funky and eclectic original music, and collaborate with other artists and producers in the U.S. and overseas. He is excited to announce the release of his first EP, "MY SHOW." which was "Best Pop Album" at L.A. Music Awards.

For more information, visit www.JAYSiN.com .


"a fresh approach to pop music"

"Jaysin incorporates the intensity of hip-hop with the universal appeal of pop. His music has driving basslines, captivating lyrics, and unforgettable hooks. Jaysin has a fresh approach to pop music and he is ready to make headlines."
- Lafayette Examiner

"Jaysin's music shines"

"singer/songwriter driven music that spans across different genres of pop, r&b, and funk. energetic and memorable, jaysin?s music shines in any venue, anywhere."

"Can We" featured in film "Lucky

"Jaysin is one of the most refreshing young artists rising up the pop charts. His music gets under your skin and makes you move in your seat. We are so excited to use his hit single "Can We" in our upcoming film, "Lucky". It truly captures the youthful spirit and tone of the scene."
- Jannete Barlow, Director of "Lucky"


over 30 days ago to Jaysin

hi, hope you make me a connection. to celebrate my first year on broadjam and the opening of my new studio(check out the pics) i am offering two songs fully Mastered for FREE in wav and mp3 format. if you are interested, just get back to me and I will give you more details. so far over 30 broadjam members have taken me up on my offer in the past couple of weeks. thanks Dave-str.prouctions

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Tha site iz up . . . www.jaysin.com!! Check it out, over 15k!

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