Funky, folky, moody alt-pop, storytelling with a groove and soulful vocals, confessional lyrics, progressive politics. Winner of L.A. Music Award for both independent releases: "Outstanding Independent Pop Album" in 2000 for MY CRIME, and "Adult Alternative Album of the Year" in 2003 for TRUCE. Known for her dynamic stage presence. For photos , gigs and more info, please visit website (Please note: Jamie writes with two other artists who are represented here as well, so not all of these songs are from her project. Also showcased here are songs she wrote with pop artist, Casey Romero, and Christian artist, Frankie Trush, as well as pop songs she wrote for other artists which did not end up on her albums).

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"Chase the Rain"
If you like Pink, Nikka Costa, Dido, Seal, Sade, Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette, Sarah Bareilles...

Jamie Green Bio

Jamie Green Short Bio 2008

Recently voted Top Ten Bands of Santa Barbara by the Independent, Jamie Green is an award-winning indie artist, having won L.A. Music Awards for her first two albums, and numerous honors from the John Lennon and Unisong International song contests. Her lyrics have been described by Music Connection Magazine as "riveting and incisive," with a soulful voice that "sells everything she sings." She's been compared to such artists as Jonatha Brooke, Paula Cole, Alanis Morissette and Sheryl Crow, but Jamie forges her own brand of contemporary pop that is funky, folky, thoughtful, moody and soulful. You may have heard her anti-war anthem, "What's Happening Here?" on Pacifica Radio's news show, "Democracy Now." For the past four years, Jamie has received the ASCAPLU$ award which recognizes her as an active and promising young songwriter. Her songs have appeared in various network and cable TV Movies, on MTV and in several Billboard Top Ten Videos for Children, and have been heard on acoustic & indie format radio stations all over the world. Jamie is near completion on her third album, to be released later this year.

Quotes from the SB Independent:

A powerful voice that brings an edge to her equally powerful lyrics about politics, women's issues, love, existence, sex, and spirituality; think Alanis Morissette, Tori Amos and Fiona Apple's dreadlocked lovechild.
- The Independent (Sept 27, 2007)
- also (Sept 28, 2008)

Acoustic alt-rocker blends girl power and introspective songwriting to create a sound that's all her own.
--The Independent (Oct 25, 2007)

Green is as multi-faceted as her songs let on. In front of her backing band, she wails like a young Alanis at her most jaded. And playing solo, she is as pensive as her lyrics are thought-provoking, singing tunes that are empowering, reflective, and obviously coming from the heart.
--The Independent (Nov 1, 2007)

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