Here's a link to a mix set I put together using my newest addition, Serato Scratch Live. This set starts out pretty rockin, not litteraly =) mixes into some filter and ends in a pretty funky/tech note. ( for promotional use only )

Hope you guys enjoy it. - JaimieCole

Give it a few seconds for it to start.

JaimieCole's Live set with Controlled Burn @ Club Underground

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Come join us at the DDDF Compression Party June 9 @ Club Underground Reno, NV. This event starts @9pm, $10 at the door and is 21 & up. JaimieCole will perform a live set in collaboration with Contorlled Burn.


House, hip-hop and drum-n-bass converge in a smashout rhythmic soup of hot electronica flavors in the music of JaimieCole. This artist masterfully splices these groove-based genres into a cohesive sound that threatens to send the dance floor into unstoppable spasms of energy – which wouldn’t be a bad thing, now would it?

Get Out On The Floor

“Music makes me feel like getting out on the floor and dancing,” says Victor Cruet, the mind behind JaimieCole, “especially house, DnB and hip-hop.” And it’s his goal to make the listener feel exactly the same way with these distinctively danceworthy musical stylings. “It’s a sudden burst of emotional energy from within.” And therein lies the key to JaimieCole’s songwriting. Cruet doesn’t just go for moveable rhythms; he puts real emotional impact into the songs, pulling the fan’s strings on every level, inspiring dance floor mayhem with music that cuts to the bone.

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