Well, let me start by saying that I am an aspiring music producer/engineer/songwriter with the passion for music. I have been trying so hard for a long time to get a placement, but so far I haven't had any chances so I am hoping that joining this site will make it much easier for me. I am pretty much trying to get my music heard and show people that there are females out there creating music to, not just writing it or singing it. I have an A.S degree in Audio Engineering and a B.S. Degree in Recording Arts. If that won't give you an idea that this is my passion, then I don't know what will. Take a listen to my music and maybe that will convince you. I hope to connect and work with many of you.

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Ivana Pearl Younge, known as Ivy is an American Producer/Songwriter from the East Coast. Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, Ivana is the second born who took the gift of music after her late grandmother. "Music wasn't always something I wanted to get into. I was a sports addict at a very young age," says Ivy "Even though I was a girl, I wanted to be like Michael Jordan." she continues to say with a grin.
Forced to learn the violin at age twelve, Ivy decided that maybe she wanted to learn how to play the guitar as well, being that it was her favorite instrument. She played the violin for one year in elementary school and a year later, took up the guitar finishing up her years as a young teenager in grammer school. By high school, Ivy decided that the violin best fits her persona in which she did play for four years in high school. While attending Arts High, as a sophomore, not only did Ivy want to play violin and guitar, but she also wanted to play the piano like her grandmother. "I think its amazing, personally that I took up music like my grandmother. I remember when I use to stand aside her while she was composing another gospel song for her church, and I asked her what was it that she was doing and she would say, making music. I had a confused look on my face because she would actually write out a score for her songs." After performing as a musician, Ivy began to become interested in the audio side of music and ended up attending Gibbs College, majoring in Audio Engineering, where she received her Associates degree in that major.
She recently graduated from Full Sail University, majoring in the Recording Arts Bachelors Degree Program, where she have received her degree in late April of 2011. She is currently attending school online at Ashford University working towards a degree in Business Administration. "I know the technical side of music and the creative side of music. Why not know the business side of it as well? I'm starting out but I hope I make the right choices in life where my career can take off. Right now I am putting in a lot of time and effort into new songs that I am currently making and hope to get that chance to work with many films and artists that are out there in the music industry." In other words, be on the look out for this young woman, who many people say is talented.


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Ivana, Listened to your works and you have some great compositions nice structure and feel to your work. You should get some placements on BJ and find a new following here. Best of luck and talent. Just keep makin music!!!! ASOH

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