Unity in music. Sound is so much sweeter than site. No matter how it looks, if it sounds good, you're taken.

The Musical Point

All my life music has been my comfort. It lifted me when I went through tough times in elementary school. Once I started to sing, people forgot I was poor and I would be teased less. As an adult writing songs when I couldn't sing as much was a way to express subject matters I felt passionate about. Sharing my joys, my concerns and what inspirers me with others makes waking up each day worth it. Nothing matters as much if you can't share it to help and encourage others.

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over 30 days ago to Isabella Igharo

Hello Broadjam

It seems to me like this is just a quick way to make money. No one calls you for your music, and some of the songs that makes it, nobody can really confirm it. We dont know what show, the title of the show, and what time it airs. Please help us confirm some of these shows?

Credits means everything to a artist and producers. without it paying money for nothing is a waist of time.

Thank you:

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Clean Clean

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