Hey Hello started in the Midwest as just one person writing music in apartments and basements. Eventually a drummer and bassist were added and the songs took on a new stage life for a while. As things progressed, the project was relocated to Nashville TN in search of a new environment and inspiration to do something that was unique and different from what had been previously released. For those who are confused and feel set aside, Hey Hello has began a new period in writing.

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New song "Letting Go" now posted. Thoughts and comments appreciated! Thanks.

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Hey Hello is a one-man musical endeavor which takes the listener on a mystically haunting ride through the deepest parts of the human heart. With sweeping melodies and poetic lyrics, this independent, artist is something truly unique on the local music scene.

This experimental power-pop journey follows the story of first true love and begs the question, why do adults tend to question the authenticity of this phenomenon in teenagers? The single "Cinematic Hearts" is a gripping look inside this musician's take on the "real world" versus the bubble of love while "Ghee" (which is presented in two different mixes) explores the tentative beginnings of love. Other tracks such as "Strange" and "Overture" are instrumental but do not fail to convey the raw emotion and talent of this emerging local artist. His semi-gruff voice lends to the passion of the lyrics and matches the not always clean musical style. The listener can hear that the man in the song is on the verge of some great emotion just waiting to spill forth.

Steffen Wade, the force behind the Hey Hello musical experience, wrote, recorded, arranged, and produced this album in his studio, Lyndon Bridge Studio, Prophetstown, IL. He lists, among his influences, Jars of Clay, Nine Inch Nails, Tori Amos, and U2. It is an eclectic list which fully reflects the unique blend of traditional instruments in truly contemporary sounds. The Hey Hello album project began two years ago partially out of boredom and partially as a means to answer the question of where music comes from. "To remain wild at heart is sometimes the most tricky and deceit filled endeavor one can embark on, but it's much easier to steer a moving vehicle." Wade comments on his approach to the project.

Wade, primarily a self taught musician, candidly admits he can neither read nor write music, and avoids the study of music theory. "I never took any classes because it took away the [suspension] of disbelief in a way, where as right now I still have the seductive element of a sort of feminine mystery drawing me to keep writing and desiring music. . . I throw myself off a cliff creatively and pray to grow wings." Wade explains. It is with an honest and open heart that he creates his music and lyrics.

The arrangement and fullness of the music leaves the listener with the feeling that the man behind the music has had more experience than a garage band under his belt. He was the founding member and former drummer of local band The Ballet before moving on to Hey Hello and the current CD project . He recently graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and worked for Conway Recording Studio in Los Angeles before returning to the Midwest to open Lyndon Bridge Studio.

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