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Producer Songwriter (ASCAP) Hilaire Charles, won a songwriting award from ASCAP for "Beautiful Girl" in 2002


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My Schtik: (viewer discrection is advised) I write(ASCAP), arrange, produce(NARAS), play keys, and sing when I have to. I enjoy expression of the truest kind, the kind that connects. And here's something TOTALLY original: been doin music since I was conceived!(top that), the church choir and group thing yada yada yada . . . more importantly, if you like what you're hearing, let me know NOW and let's conspire to vibe, for all we're guaranteed is NOW. If I reached out to ya, it's because you were successful at portraying a cool vibe, or you're extremely hot . . . or both.

If you'd like to read a totally unbiased bio . . .

Born in Cap-Haitien, Haiti in 1974, Hilaire Charles discovered his love for music at the age of 5. He would play popular music he heard on the radio by ear on the piano with one hand, while sucking his thumb on the other hand. He started hearing arrangements of popular songs,
making improvements, since he was at least 10. His three brothers and sister all inherited their talents for music from their parents. Singing, playing piano or organ and directing the choirs in church were common place year after year. As kids, he and his siblings would create jingles and new arrangements for traditional hymns. Hilaire was always tinkering at the piano, coming up with ideas and decided to make music his career. He had a turning point after meeting Fred Hammond backstage after a concert and decided he would pursue songwriting and producing full

He was the first recipient of a $3,500 grant for his song "Beautiful Girl" as part of a special program launched by The ASCAP Foundation and The Heineken Music Initiative in 2002, to benefit up-and-coming R&B songwriters.

Hilaire's work has been multi-faceted over the years. He directed vocal groups including youth choirs, male and mixed groups, performed as a pianist/keyboardist for singing groups, choirs, churches and top 40 bands, worked as a musical director for conferences, concerts and
festivals. Hilaire played keyboards for local Miami band Pangaea for two years and has written for Ikon Music Group in Miami, Fl. He has been doing music production for the last five years. He has written, arranged and produced jingles for companies and political campaigns and provides
company voice prompts through his label, Hemisphere Music, Inc.

His musical influences run the gamut from the Romantic era composers to 60's pop bands like Every Mother's Son's Back, The Association, to the Motown machine to Salif Keita, to the multi-layered harmonies of Take 6, to Youssou N'dor. Hilaire has spent the last eight years honing his
production skills and working with various artists.

With a catalog of over 200 songs ranging from Pop, Rock, R&B, CCM, Gospel, Choral, and World music, Hilaire Charles is bursting onto the music scene and sweeping the globe with the variety of artists singing his songs and fans are responding with a great love for this talented
musician. He's only just begun and we can't wait to hear more from him.

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