Blending the classical training of a lyric tenor with the life-learned expression of a rock-n-soul frontman, Harmony entices you to think deeper thoughts and feel richer feelings. Nicknamed the “lyrical assassin” by musician friends Harmony has a gift for phrasing, timing, pacing and rhyming. Complementing his insightful writing style is his passionate performance: the conviction of his mother’s Gospel-hymn singing and the spirit of his father’s roots-rock showmanship. Reverberating grace and soul, Harmony’s voice leaves stillness in its wake like two well-worn wings bearing an almost angel

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RIYL: Switchfoot, U2, Jeff Buckley, Ben Harper

Yes, it's his real name. No, his parent's weren't hippies. Call it fate if you will but his mom would call it prophetic. His mother Brenda, born in Harmony, Minnesota, was always dreadfully embarrassed of her small town upbringing until the night she met a young rock-n-roller, on tour with rockabilly giant, Sleepy LaBeef, his father. His name was Harmony and after romancing, finding Jesus, and marrying, Brenda had her first son within that year--another Harmony LaBeff. One may think that the son of two generations of guitar-slinging, rock-n-roll singers, would inevitably embrace the blessings and burdens of the LaBeff legacy. But the fruition of his voice as a singer and writer was a tumultuous and uncertain growth out of soil rich in religion and rebellion. It was this convergence of contradictions that repelled and eventually reconciled Harmony to music making.

Nicknamed the "lyrical assassin" by musician friends, Harmony has the gift of phrasing, timing, pacing and rhyming. His lyricism speaks to both the spiritual and the sensual in a manner that is never inaccessible. With the conviction of his mother's Gospel-hymn singing and the spirit of his father's roots-rock showmanship, Harmony's performance is pure passion. Reverberating grace and soul, Harmony's voice leaves stillness in its wake like two well-worn wings bearing an almost angel. With growing acclaim in the Twin Cities, Harmony is prepared for a promising future. His style is an uncomplicated unity of the diverse sounds that shaped his musical history: call it alt-pop, folk-rock or acoustic hip-hop; he calls it singer-songwriter. You'll know it as Harmony.

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