Modern Christian Outlaw Recording Artist

Modern - A Fresh, Original Sound
Christian - Follower of Jesus
Outlaw - Independent and Unconventional
Recording - I Make CDs :-)
Artist - Well, I Try!

Born: 1975
Status: Married, 3 kids
Residence: Savannah, GA - grew up in southern WV
College: Berklee College of Music, 1 year
Main Genre: Christian Contemporary with an "edgy" sound
Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Drums
Producing: Home-studio enthusiast, recording for 18 years

Check out my complete solo album at

Latest News

Single "40 Acres"
#9 Song

Single "40 Acres"
#5 Song Folk/Religious

Single "40 Acres"
#3 Free Song Sitewide

Single "40 Acres"
#10 on Georgia Top 10 List

Single "40 Acres"
#5 on Folk/Religious Chart

Single "Tony Maloney" #15 on Rock/Religious Chart

Single "40 Acres"
#9 on Fan Pick
37-50 Chart

Single "40 Acres" #2 on Folk chart and #1 on Folk/Religious chart!

Vital Stats

Born: June 19, 1975
Status: Married, 3 kids
College: Berklee College of Music, 1 year

Grew up in rural West Virginia and now live in Savannah, GA where I am active in my local church.


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