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Stefano Somma, born May 27, 1991 is a professional Canadian Hip-Hop artist making hit records from scratch. He is a versatile artist who's music is marketable for all ages and is highly addictive to listen to.

Stefano's goal is to make listeners enjoy his music by uplifting their spirit of life, and giving them what they want to hear so the listeners dance, chill, and sing along. He makes all his songs on his own in his home studio including production, lyrics, engineering, mixing and mastering.

Stefano has performed on a cruise ship, at the Woodbridge Italian festival, at a street party and at schools. Everytime he performed he recieved excellent feedback, and people memorized the "Clap" song within seconds and were caught singing it to themselves all night!

Creativeness and entertainment is built into Stefano's genetics. His father "Vincenzo Somma" is the anchor for the Italian news on OMNI 1 Television in Canada and is well known in the Canadian-Italian community. Many of Stefano's cousins play instruments and have artistic abilities.

As a person, Stefano is intelligent, friendly, entertaining, funny, caring, and overall a great character to be around. He has been writing music since 2002, and producing music since 2007. His ultimate life goal, which will lead to other life goals, is to succeed in the music industry, and he knows that dream will be fulfilled soon...

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