I have been a lifelong musician, my intial training being in a military band after joining as a boy soldier many years ago.
I have witnessed many changes in the international musical scene and I hope , kept abreast of them, I play the paino and compose just about everyday and enjoy it just as much as when I first started.
My main claim to fame is I played in Tom Jone's old accompanying band the Senators, but unfortunately after he had left for bigger things.

Who Is This?

Music Is My First Love! [I dont think my better half would agree with that] never- the- less it does have and have had a great influence on my life.My first brush with it was as a boy in the local church chior, and then as life progressed in school musical plays etc;
But far the most influential was when I enlisted as a junior musician in an army military band, where I trained to play the clarinet and tenor saxaphone, this then led to forming a modern jazz quartet, eventually affording us a lot of bookings and plenty of what you can't buy...experience.
When my service terminated I honed in on to learning the keyboard so I could get myself involved into the group scene. This I did, playnig with many groups along the way, performing locally and up and down the country, one of the bands was the Senators, Tom Jone's former backing group but unfortunately the man himself had left earlier for pastures new.
These days I concentrate on songwriting, sometimes writing with a lyricist friend of mine, Bob Cockwill , we have produce a catalogue of songs up to date and always copyright them having had two country songs published in Northern Ireland, but we both agree the new way of doing stuff by internet, and Broadjam of course, is better by far, increasing one's motivation and having the chance to have your work reviewed by like minded people. i'm looking forward to belonging to this comprehensive musical club and value the chance to hear what others are doing nowadays.


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