Gavin Hammond is both the founder of Checkmark Audio and its Chief Audio Engineer. He is also a Music industry instructor with Radio Record and Film Connection. He has over sixteen years of experience in teaching music and over ten years of experience working in the music industry. He graduated from The Los Angeles Film School with a degree in Music Production and Engineering, and has worked on thousands of professional projects.

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Please check out my latest video. The animation is done by Sam Stace of you United Kingdom for a contest. You can follow his youtube channel at


I was born in Albuquerque New Mexico in 1988. I started music lessons at the age of four. I had to beg my parents to put me in lessons since my older sister was taking lessons. I started composing and writing down music at an early age. I participated in every music program I could when I was younger Including the youth orchestra on violin and jazz band on piano. I am working on my degree in music production. My goal is to make a living composing great music and teach people how to do the same.

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Hey whats up man? You up for doing a remix? it;s Damian...we should kick it!

2 Replies
Gavin Hammond
over 30 days ago

Heck ya let's get together. How've you been?

over 30 days ago

Good man! send me a text 5054178229

Ionut Mirel Udrea
over 30 days ago to Gavin Hammond

Hi Gavin! Thank you very much for taking the time to listen, rate and add my new song to your pl! I really appreciate your support. All the best!

Adam Vicelich
over 30 days ago to Gavin Hammond

Thanks for the 5 stars on Dance Club!

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