frank allegro and ambassador band is a miami-based rock band releasing their 2nd album Feb. 2010.
Self-titled Debut album frank allegro by frank allegro is available on itunes, amazon, rhapsody, emusic and napster.

artist website is:

-known in miami as an electrifying LIVE rock band with positive message

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My 2nd Rock Album Is To Be Released in Apr. 2010!

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Artist showcase at Dec. 10 2009 Miami Music Festival - new Artist Website

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Frank Allegro is a rock singer / songwriter based in Miami. Released his self-titled Debut Album EP in 2008 and now completing 2nd album - Feb. 2010 release.
He performs LIVE with rock band in Miami called: AMBASSADOR
The music is available at these stores:
itunes, amazon mp3, napster, emusic and rhapsody.
The son of a US Foreign Service Officer, was born in Nicaragua and grew-up in several countries.
His sound is some combination of Duran Duran, meets Velvet Revolver, meets Batman jet sound, meets Latin percussion ..all lead by a fight for-truth message a-la Bob Marley. His "against the system" lyrical theme with spirit.

George Dione, Editor writes.....
Frank Allegro has all the makings of an independent rock star. He writes catchy, hook-laden choruses, his lyrics are relatable, and by looking at his CD cover you can see he's got the image...he has some strong music material that I'm willing to bet plays out phenomenal in a live concert setting.

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