Born and raised in Boston, MA. Flame 1 aka J. Flizzo has been focused on his musical grind since the early 1990's. Spending time perfecting his songwriting, music production and engineering with musical colleague's and close friends.

Flame 1, who dubs his producer name as J. Flizzo, adds his personal touch of music production and artistry to his IODL music series! The early 2000's was his first attempt at music production after a brief musical hiatus. "I studied everything from music production, engineering to concert/club promotion and just the basics of the music business".

Ill On Da Low Volume: 2 'OnDaRiseUp' includes some of his hometown's up and coming artists in which he specifically chose to work with for the project. Ill On Da Low Volume 2 'OnDaRiseUp' includes a vocalist and a few new inspiring artists to add to Flame 1's creative approach to his world of music.

In 2013, Flame 1 has total control. IODL Vol 3 & Futurez Finest coming soon...

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Saturday Nov 2, 2013 Philips Old Colony House 780 Morrissey Blvd Boston MA 02122
Nilanjo Fashion Entertainment presents... MY MIC SOUNDS NICE
$25 Tickets @

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