Fatty Eddy is an artist with reams of material, tons of attitude and a wealth of worldy experiences. Born and raised in Wilmington, De. and residing in Santa Cruz, Ca., Eddy has spent the last 30 years on a quest to experience every type of music. He has worked in all aspects of the business from touring the world as a stage manager & guitarist to mixing monitors, supervising concert bowls, writing for a music rag & producing his own radio show. He has been involved with and writes songs in almost every style including hip-hop, reggae, jam band, jazz, blues and rock. For the past ten years he has owned The Empire Music Foundry, a parent company that includes a recording studio, publishing co. (BMI), production co, record label and a plethora of artists. He has written over 200 songs, produced dozens of artists and maintains the EMF website, www.zyg.net, which features tons of info & music from Eddy's world. With the right team Fatty Eddy is primed for a long car


The Dumplin'
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Love you mutha fucka

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