Fashion Jujuy comes again after 10 years of being separated.
On 2012 they launch their 2nd CD called "Look at Yourself" ( MIRATE ).

Music is like Rock, Indie Rock or Lating Rock Pop, must listen.
Ty all

We are Back

FJ played straight from 1995 to 2002 with a lot of local success.
Meaning sharing stages with major popular local artists and performing in great venues.

Splitted in 2002, egos and anger has separated Matias Cornell from Lucas Alcalde, who thanks to the third origianl member (Markus Kolbl)
both agreed in make one last "Good bye show"
Ten years passed from thats moment, and last 2012 they started practicing...
This time things (due to time passed) were different. Things started to work as before.
So the "love" (musically speaking) was re-born, the magic was there.

So the FASHION JUJUY is back.
Launched their 2nd CD in less tan 1 year, and in 2013 started playing again

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