Fallen To Rise hails from Bossier/ Shreveport, Louisiana located in the north-west corner of the boot. We've been together since Spring of 2006 and feel that we are heading in the right direction on the way we write, Play, and develope as a band. With the addition of a new guitar player, Chavez, our abilitys feel refreshed and ready to take on a new era of Fallen To Rise music.
We want to have fun with our music, with a serious twist, and you should enjoy it to so come hang out if we are in your town! Or you can just listen on the computer or CD. What ever you prefer. We always give out free HI 5's at every show though so don't miss that! thanks for reading.

Fallen To Rise (The Coming of th

Fallen To Rise came together by chance through mutual friends and clicked right of the bat. We were fortunate to have a place to jam at Wills dads shop, bass player, in the back of there property. We have hung about everything you can think of on the walls to keep the complaints down over the years and there is materials being added to this day. David Lee(vocals), Colt(L. Guitar) and Will grew up and went to the same schools together. The Drummer Ronnie didn't join the clan until late 2005 and met via Colts sister. Our most recent member to join is Chavez in Feb 2009. With our new addition, we feel our talents progressing in the direction we have always wanted to take our music. With more and more material being born, were gonna need shades for the future.

don't hate me for that last line.

Thanks to everyone

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