Jay Jupiter is an artist and songwriter from the South side of Chicago. A Member of MCE and the conglomerate known as AFGM. The Smokey Robinson of his time. He is Eddie Kane in the rain. He is Quincy Jones in the brain. Michael Jackson with some late night action. The main attraction.


Evan Millard (E-Sweez) was born in Orlando, Florida on Dec. 26, 1988. His family soon moved to the southern end of the state. He lived in Fort Lauderdale until the age of 12 and then in Palm Beach Gardens until he was 18. Even as a child, Sweez was always good with words. Hip-hop music was always present in his life. Whether he was watching rap videos on TV or sneaking in his brother's room to listen to his cassette tapes, Sweez found himself lost in the music. His love for hip-hop would later turn into an obsession.

In addition to being an excellent writer, Sweez was very athletic. He grew playing multiple sports, eventually setting his sights on football. He attended high school (Dwyer) in Palm Beach Gardens, home to one of the best football programs in the country. His increasing accolades in football overshadowed his musical abilities. As he began to be recruited, Sweez set his eyes on playing college football. After a senior year plagued with injuries, he began to see the recruiters back off. Left with limited options, Sweez was uncertain of his future. Then he was offered the opportunity to go to the University of Wisconsin to play for the Badgers.

Sweez arrived in Madison, WI and enrolled in the university. After a year with the team, he realized his love for football was diminishing, as his love for music grew stronger than ever. He dropped football and school, deciding to focus on rap. He chose to stay in Wisconsin after falling in love with the city of Madison. With three other MC's (Tha SB, House, and Trigg) he formed the group, 4Problemz. After a year of self-recording, Sweez felt it was time to take his music to the next level. He found a studio by the name of DNA Music Labs where he linked up with producer/engineer, Vaughn "Scattered Brains" Freitag.

The two had instant chemistry in the studio and later began to work together as partners. It was over Scattered Brains' production where Sweez finally found "his voice." Over the next year and half the two wrote music religiously, compiling a vast variety of material and recording well over 50 tracks in the studio. In the summer of 2010 they moved in together, sending their creative chemistry to its peak. E-Sweez and Scattered Brains opened up for Bone Thugs n Harmony in front of a sold-out crowd. It was there first live performance. They continued to rock local shows, building a buzz with their undeniable music and performances.

After winning the "Get Your Buzz Up" showcase in Madison, Sweez released his first official project, "The Groundhog Day LP". The project was produced by Scattered Brains. The two are also preparing to release another LP, as well as the highly anticipated and long awaited album, "Life is Precious". He is also back in school, studying film at the University of Wisconsin with the intent of producing music videos. Sweez's lyrical ability and flow are forces to be reckoned with in the rap game, and he's only getting better.


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yea...the flow is def east coast..."hip hop heads' is tight

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