ERAY was born in a small town in the heart of Southern Rock and Blues called Brandon, Mississippi. His talent was furthered by the love of music and the desire to perform. He began performing with various bands at an early age and won the hearts of thousands. This talented artist writes, records and performs his compositions himself.
ERAY says: " Being a rock star is something that every child dreams of, I want to be something more... I want to be remembered."
ERAY´s inspiration comes from everyday life, something that everyone can relate to but is not always preferred.
ERAY says :"There´s nothing better than to know that one of my songs touches someone or brings a chill to their bones because they have been there. This is my music, but this is their life..."
ERAY is also inspired by politics and world needs. His lyrics in some songs really hit the nail on the head and say what should be said.


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