The tunes currently up were all recorded in my old bedroom when I was trying to make ends meet living in what pretty much amounted to a crack house for college kids. I wasn't sling'n or us'n, but it made for some interesting sessions. Try to Imagine my silly ass slumped over a shitty four track with it's own agenda in a room with no heat or air and big ass holes in the ceiling that get bigger when the neighbors fuck or beat eachother senseless. Mix in cocained fueled co-eds snorting powder off eachothers' privates for the amusement of my roomies and you might get a decent idea of the environment I was working with.I also had the pleasure of recuperating from a herniated disk that left me unemployed and a partially paralyzed left hand in this same paradise. I figure art ought to speak for the artist, so I opted for writing a little "color" as a backdrop for the tunes instead of an "artist description" in the provided space. The photo is cheesy enough. Have a good day.


Dorian Dorian
over 30 days ago to Elvis Smith

Hey i dig your stuff dude. How the hell did you record those vocals in there?

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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