Dream/Clone blurs the lines between rap, classical, jazz, and techno, dropping the dynamic rhymes of Nkozi and Brett Richey over genre-bending, dance-able beats. Producer Staze adds edgy, pop hooks over his hip hop-flavored jazz riffs and symphonic arrangements.

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In 1999, Staze (Dave Stasiak) headed to Amherst College in Massachusetts to major in Music Composition. Studying classical and jazz music in the classroom, he began to experiment with sound design and electronic beats in his dorm room. As his independent study senior year, he decided to create an album which would fuse these two worlds, creating a blend of lush orchestral arrangements with powerful hip hop beats. Professional poker player, Brett Richey, a burgeoning rapper who lived down the hall, would add his lyrics and flow to the project.

By their graduation in 2003, the two had written and recorded what would make up half of their debut album, Future Holds Nothing. The duo added the name Dream/Clone and moved to Boston, penning the remaining tracks and releasing their debut album with indie record label We Did This to You Records in late 2004. Dream/Clone spent the next year promoting their album, successfully creating a loyal underground following and opening up for established acts such as Tonedeff and 2mex of the Visionaries. Building on their success in Boston, Dream/Clone moved south to immerse themselves in the vibrant Metro-New York hip hop scene. It was in New York that they would link up with Ghanan rapper, Nkozi (Bobzie Tiewul). and begin to record their second album.

Set for release in early fall, Transymphonic contains songs that blend dramatic film score panache with high energy rapping and chant-able hooks. ?Too Good? and ?Get Amped? are two raucous tracks sure to get and keep any party going. Also featured are more laid back songs such as "Back2Back," a jazz-laced song that describes an unstable relationship and attempts to rescue it.

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Dan Robinson
over 30 days ago to Dream/Clone

Good stuff!! Love "Amped Up".

I noticed we have both been selected in Broadjam opportunities.

Would you have an interest in collaborating sometime.

I am more of a storyline/song concept/lyrical idea kind of person.

I have an idea that I wanted to run by you. It would be in the vein of "Get Amped Up".


Dan Robinson
Email: drsongman@gmail.com
Cell: (724) 612-1615

over 30 days ago to Dream/Clone

fantastic genre-mashing tunes, great grooves, great instrumentation & lyrical phrasing...

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