Dov Jupiter is a songwriter, singer, violinist, producer, and artist with a vast array of songs and live and studio experience.

Dov Jupiter: His Bio

Dov is a Composer,Performer, Environmentalist, Music Producer, Violinist, Artist, and Writer who utilizes the arts to enhance appreciation and awareness for the human link to the natural world. He has written over 300 musical compositions, many of them songs and pieces that relate to nature, and performed on hundreds of concerts and events spanning classical, pop, folk, rock, world, improvisational and new age music.

Says R.J. Lannan: "Multi-instrumentalist and composer Dov introduces several sensational smooth jazz instrumentals and a few fine vocals on his new album called Journey to Eden. Playing his electric exotic-looking five-string violin, acoustic violin and piano, the composer takes you on a trip to paradise. Dov's music will soar in your heart and your mind."

Dov performs with New World Artist and Composer David Arkenstone. Dov's Journey To Eden has been nominated as one of the five finalists for the 2005 New Age Reporter's Lifestyle Awards for Best Contemporary Instrumental CD,
Says Innnerchange Magazine, about Dov's playing, comparing his sound to Vangelis, "The Vast spaciousness and eloquence of Dov's music somehow seems to speak to the best in us as human beings."

Dov has performed his original material with full band at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, the Roxy, and at many environmental events including Universal City's 'Earthwalk', John Denver's 'Windstar Symposium' in Aspen, and was invited to be the closing performer at the final concert of the 1992 'Global Forum' at the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Classically trained, Dov has been a member of symphonies, folk bands, rock bands and is also a singer/songwriter, artist, writer, poet and muralist, and his composition 'Symphony of the Sacred Forest' was written for a 70-piece orchestra and has been performed live by Orchestras in both Los Angeles and Bakersfield.

He was asked to do the string arrangements for such famous albums as Juan Gabriel's 'Cosas De Enmorados' and Rocio Durcal's 'Frente a Frente'. He also was concertmaster for many recordings including Herb Alpert's Fandango and the hit single Route 66, During a winter visit to Yosemite National Park, Dov wrote his first environmental song. 'Earth' and continued to put music to lyrics about the inspiration he received from nature's beauty, and songs to raise awareness on the need to protect our planet's forests.
Dov's CD:S are from Lovestar Records:
Kingdom of the Heart
Island of the Sylvan Mermaids
Hidden Worlds of Hawaii Vol. 1
Earth Day Creation

Ode to Earthly Delights


Band of Angels 'World Beyond 2000

Symphony of the Sacred Forest

Seraphim Rhapsody

Forest Reverie

Under the Big Sky

Journey To Eden

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