As DJ Lunik I produce "In-your-face Electro", with bold bass lines, percussive variations, and twisted riffs. I like to generate a reaction. I want people to say, “What is that? I’ve got to know. I’ve got to have it!”

I also produce music specifically for TV and film under the name Nicky Fraser.

The journey began many years ago, when I hooked up with my partner. We started (well, couldn't stop) collecting synths and drum machines. I produced a steady stream of quirky electronica, but it wasn't until I started DJ-ing that I really learned how to structure my productions, and my influences grew and grew. Sven Vath, Vitalic, DJ Hell, Miss Kittin, Depeche Mode, Christian Vogel are all musicians/producers that I draw influences from. As I travel along on this musical journey, I keep my mind open to new sounds, new technologies, and new techniques. That’s what sets me apart from some, and connects me with others.


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