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'Warmin' Up'; Luke Sharp ft. Eternia With Productions by: Stan D

This tape is a compilation of some of Stan and Luke's greatest works to date. Tracks from 2008-2010 have been used. Spanning two mix-tapes and also featuring some rare releases. 'Warmin' Up' has been blended together by DJ Kahle using other well known classic breaks by various artists.

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DJ Kahle aka Jay Tee has been mixing, scratching and producing since he dug up and repaired some 70's turntables in the spring of 06. (Technics Sl-120/ JVC direct drive) Extra thanks to Dylan, for hooking him up with a very decent amp. Soon After he bought a beginners 2 channel mixer in late 2006 and Started scratching old James Brown samples for practice. By 2007 DJ Kahle had begun learning the in's and out's of studio software and drum machine sequencing.

His 1200's arrived may 2007, much thanks to DJ Tekwun for helping decide on equipment. By 2008 DJ Kahle was releasing rough demo tracks which will see further revisions and re-releases in the future. As of 2009 DJ Kahle has been composing music; Tracks such as "I Break It Down" and "Rainy Summer" are some of his most recent creations, with more to come in near future.

As of 2009 DJ Kahle continues to build his studio and skills as a musician and producer to bring his best to the listener.

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