Reggaeton a-la New york style and Hip-Hop from the Dirty streets of the Boogie BX.I"ve been in the game since 1986 when club music and freestyle was popping.Work alot and produce for alot for indie labels in club music and latin.Now i wanted to change my style of music to hip-hop and reggaeton.working with alot of small groups all-over the tri-state and just sellin beats that all i do.But still looking for that for that break to retire...:) at lease gold baby.
any questions or wanna buy beats holla at a nigga 646-247-9321
i see beats via first class e-mail cable x-press

Shout-outs 2 my niggazzzs from da X
EL-SoLo 2006 hittin hard EMPYRE


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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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