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David Hare's music is contemporary yet timeless. Hare's songs combine lasting lyrics, memorable melodies, coupled with harmonious chords that appeal to a wide audience. David Hare is a guitar-playing singer and songwriter. His unique sound blends rock, alternative, and progressive folk styles.

David Hare developed an interest in music early in life with influences from The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and David Bowie.

Great vocalists such as Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury, Steven Tyler, Ian Gillan, Brad Delp, Steve Perry, and Jon Anderson influenced Hare immensely. Hare taught himself the guitar; attributing the late Tommy Bolin as his strongest musical influence.

David Hare's dedication and talents have gained the respect of many of his peers within the songwriting community. He writes and performs, pleasing audiences with solo acoustic sets.

David Hare brings honesty and depth to his work. Hare loves to perform and is looking forward to sharing his music with everyone.


Barry Douglas
over 30 days ago to David Hare

Hi David , I think your songs are outstanding !

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