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The violets are breaking through the rocks!

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I was born in Kansas City, 1954. I grew up in Denver, attended high school in Vermont and college in New York City, where I still reside. I started playing guitar in 1969. I started penning tunes and incidental music in 1998.

I worked in publishing for a while, on the production side, but I always felt pretty restless, cooped up in a skyscraper. You weren't allowed to change a light bulb in your own office. So I worked as a carpenter, and eventually construction manager, for about eighteen years, specializing in high-end interior renovation, here in the city. I got married, had two sons, divorced.

About three years ago I turned my back on the dust and daily chaos of the jobsite for the clean and orderly world of audio engineering. I love this work, especially for its hard, quantifiable, technical side. "First become a craftsman," as Cezanne advised. "You can always be a genius later." The other side of engineering -- proximity to artists in the throes of realizing their vision -- has also reawakened my own musical creativity. So here we are, with a song pitch.


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Lansig Artem
over 30 days ago to David Fitzpatrick

A little jewel! Fantastic composition!

Benjamin Stone
over 30 days ago to David Fitzpatrick

Greetings Mr. Fitzpatrick

Many thanks for your review of "THE GEEVES REVOLUTION". I enjoyed your remarks greatly .


-Benjamin Stone

Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago to David Fitzpatrick

David, Love your dreamy and somewhat tearful little love song. It sings to me. - Nick

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