I am not a performer nor am I playing in any bands at the current time.
Although I am performing most of the productions, I am looking for feedback from my songs as a songwriter.
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Dan Depolito
over 30 days ago to Dan Depolito

Hi Carolyn,
Angeila Bofill is not performing anymore. Unfortunately she has had several strokes.
Her sound is unmistakable. I urge you to continue with the style you are doing.
I Try, was one of her best, IMO. you can listen to it either on
MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/angelabofill
or her own website
http://angelabofill.com/home.php (It's actually the 2nd song but they have it mis defined)
continued fun with your music making.
ciao, Dan

over 30 days ago to Dan Depolito

thanks for your feed back on my song Never Once,, I will look up Angila Bofill never heard of her. This song is a true story,, my story,, im not a singer, im a song writer who sings her own demos in hopes of getting across the song the way i hear it,, i will listen to your music now, hope we can connect. thanks again.

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