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Dana Hammett is a principle partner in a dedicated group of singer/songwriter/musicians working under the auspices of “Eyezon Music.” Henri O’Connor makes a significant contribution, collaborating as songwriter and guitar/bass maestro on contemporary-hit-radio oriented songs such as “Everyone Will Pray” and “One in a Million.” Dana teams up with songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Tommy Pluta to produce an “edgier” rock-alternative groove heard on “Heaven’s Falling” and “Only I Do.”

Our steadfast goal is to bring our music to the masses by exploiting every opportunity for commercial success. The songs offered for review here on Broadjam are available for publishing or in a ready-to-release master format. We have a voluminous catalog of other songs, both published and unpublished, available for release. Please email for details.


over 30 days ago to Dana Hammett

Thanks for reviewing Not Alone. I actually have some lyrics and I'm waiting for the vocal tracks from the singer. I hope to have them soon and then get a final mix. I have some other songs without lyrics, if you'd like to collaborate!

Osea Codega
over 30 days ago to Dana Hammett

Hi, thanks for the review of my song Feelin' love. If you want you can listen something better on my profile. My song "Feel feeling" has been more times on the Pop classic Top Ten. thanks fro the review. Osea

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