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hi, hope you make me a connection. to celebrate my first year on broadjam and the opening of my new studio(check out the pics) i am offering two songs fully Mastered for FREE in wav and mp3 format. if you are interested, just get back to me and I will give you more details. so far over 30 broadjam members have taken me up on my offer in the past couple of weeks. thanks Dave-str.prouctions

rp music
over 30 days ago to Sean Daniel & Cody Cook

Brooke has numerous studio recordings............www.broadjam. com/richpulin

Thanks for the review!

Yeah we really liked the track. It was one of the first ones we reviewed. Just signed up for the site a couple days ago, we've been doing a lot of commercial music stuff but want to get into more cinematic-themed work. Anyways if you get a second let me know what you think of one of our tracks.

Your website looks great too by the way. It streamed one of the new songs, something Serenghetti I think? Was that an actual koto on that track or midi? It sounded great.

Thanks for the connect man.


Hi Sean & Cody,

Thanks for the kind review of my song, "Lumbering Mountain". It is currently at the top of a couple Folk charts. The song comes from my second album, "Waving Prairie"....produced in 1974. You can hear this album and more at my site.

You can hear more of my work at:


Chet Nichols
Inductee - The Kansas Music Hall Of Fame

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