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How do we right the Fact that Modern hip hop was born Out of The Ivan Law sound, west coast sound?This beat has spawned many one beat wonders. A true beat maker should have tempo How do we right the fact That Ivan Law is very instrumental and still very influential In modern hip hop?How do I write the fact That Ma cola records called Ivan Law to Make music because I had hip music but I hopped up and left? And Thats how the sound became avalible to the world. The songs are historical and deserve to be preserved in the archives of history. they are a rare jem to have. How do we right the fact that the songs deserve to be in the archives of history? because they are the songs that started it all! they are still on the same recording that they chose them on.. That is an historical demo. I don't submit demos. any more I make records. how do I write the fact That Dr Dre and Ivan Law sat side by side? at Ma Cola records in 1991. How do I write the fact that they asked Snoop in his documentary Snoop were you and Dre The first to put [pop with hip hop?]. and Snoop said no! Pop and Hip Hop came to us. How do I tell you who Ivan The great Is ? How do we answer The next question who Brought you Pop and Hip Hop Snoop? It was Ivan Law. These are Historical facts that deserve there recognition...I swear under penalty of perjury..death and jail if any of this pages content shall be found untrue. How do I right The fact That Ivan Law was the first Beat Maker In hip hop History? How do I write the fact That Ivan Law coined and Has the oldest date on 24/7?Drop The beat is where Ivan Law coined two phrases, Drop The Beat and 24/7.How do I write the fact That Ivan Coined the phrase purple and Gold? Shaq had The song Defense in his car that's a known fact in the NBA.?This is the song where he coined puple and Gold How do I write the fact That Ivan's Date on the new phrase what it do baby is older than anything on the radio.How do we Right The fact That broadjam holds the oldest date on what it do?, test it. How do I write the fact That Ivan Law, will receive a lifetime achievement award for his creation and body of work and his contributions too and for being the innovator of modern hip hop?--IvanthegreatLaw (talk) 13:51, 11 July 2012 (UTC)

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Monster beats records
over 30 days ago

Hey any beat you want right now is free, just give credit when you go platinum

Hey Guys check Out my new track Eye Candy from The Father Of The west Coast sound

hey,its all good cat

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