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over 30 days ago to John GRAVITON

Dissatisfied with current pop trends, Graviton took to producing his own unique blend of sounds simply because nowhere could he find the music he craved and after years of experimentation he now bursts forth to challenge the world with his thumping, driving wall of sound.

Graviton has grasped the modern sound of club electronica and welded it tightly to the fading thunder of the distant days of glam-rock, forging a new essential sound for the 21st Century. It is a music full of contrasts; on first hearing optimistic, accessible and maddeningly catchy, yet lyrically dark and often achingly bitter - songs of heartbreak, anger and regret delivered in the bright packaging of a pop odyssey.

The songs of Graviton can be listened to as straight electro-pop yet each one is precisely planned and considered, heavily layered and deeply textured. Rejecting modern notions of album structures, Graviton strives to produce an endless stream of songs each one strong enough to stand as a single release and this refusal to compromise ensures that Graviton's output has the maximum impact.

So clear the dance floor, there's a new force in town - the irresistible synth-pop force of Graviton!

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