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Regina Smoler
over 30 days ago to Annie Calder

Hey Annie,

Found you here today. Sound great! I didn't see you at Tony's show last week. Were you there? It was great!


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Annie Calder
over 30 days ago

hi regina -- thanks! no, i didn't make it to tony's, was out of town. i'm hoping he'll do another soon, i've never heard his own songs ;) annie c

over 30 days ago to Regina Smoler

Hi, i hope you make me a connection. Just a heads up to let you know that as a celebration of my first year on broadjam and with my new studio just opened, I am offering to fully remaster two of any of your songs for free. I will send back to you a fully remastered wav and a mp3 file all for no charge. If you are interested please get in touch with me, all i need off you is two song mixes in wav or aiff format 44.1 khz 16 or 24 bit. i will be able to give you a better remaster if there is no compression or stereo effects on the mix. just send the two mixes to my studio address and i will remaster the mixes and get them back to you in wav and mp3 formats within 3-4 days of me getting the mixes from you. if you have any further questions please contact me either thu broadjam or my studio email address-thanks

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