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There's so much to say about this young talented producer! Well, in a nutshell Cherrod is from a tiny island in the northern Caribbean called Anguilla. He started off producing Calypso and Soca music but later opened up to making different genres of music and began studying all the elements of them in depth. As a Soca producer he worked with a few major artists in the Caribbean including the queen of Soca, Alison Hinds. His main instrument is the piano but he also plays the flute. While in High School, he was blessed with the opportunity to learn to read music and that alone helped make producing much easier for him. He spent most of his life in Anguilla but later moved to the USA to further pursue his career in music production. He attended Full Sail University where he obtained a Bachelors degree in Recording Arts. Cherrod also worked at a major studio in Miami called the Hit Factory. He looks forward to meeting new people here and furthering his career.

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