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For the past 7 years, a young emcee from the Canarsie Section of Brooklyn has been patiently waiting in the wings crafting his skills in rap music. hip hop entered the emcee's life at the age of 15, when he and a friend decided to write rhymes whie hanging out at the friend's grandmother house. At First it was a hobby but as the years came and went it turned from a hobby to a serious career for the emcee, highly influenced by the most influential era of hip hop/rap music the mid 90's when skills counted and how well you ripped the mike..not like today standards where all you need is a hot beat, medicore lyrics , and a fluffy hook . this emcee is looking to bring it back to the essence with his lyricism and conceptual topics for example the song "misery" ciph's is describing depression in such a metaphoric way it sounds like he's talking about a relationship with a female..but it's really describing a relationship with depression, it doesn't get anymore creative than that, this emcee has a passion and is a force to be reckoned look out for've been warned


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Clean Clean

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