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Fusing dark undertones with industrial rock,Street Revenge strike an impossibly unique chord. Using philosophical lyrics , on top of rock foundations there is an infectious feel to the music.

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Lonnie Glass
over 30 days ago to CHINA

cannot do naught but give great appreciation...Lonnie

Three Eyed Shmelts
over 30 days ago to CHINA

China.......Thanks for the great review! Your input is appreciated.

Hey Great review for I LIKE THE PAIN, Thanks. Reminds you of the DOORS, huh? Hey I can't get any better than that, well, maybe the WHO, but I will settle right now for the DOORS. LOL, thanks tons and best of luck to you and your music.
Ronnie (aka Vee Bdosa - the Doylestown Poet) Fort Dix, New Jersey

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