Charlie Ray is a songwriter, guitarist and singer -- raised on Rock & Roll, but knocked sideways by the music of Steve Earle and Dwight Yoakam and kicked over the alt-country cliff for good by hearing Gram Parsons.

Charlie is a long-time radio veteran, currently on-air at K-FROG Country, 95.1 in San Bernardino, California. First and foremost a songwriter, he's a storyteller who's been around long enough to know a good tale when he hears one. He currently has more than 100 songs to his credit . . . and a few that aren't a credit to anyone.

Linda Washington is a schoolteacher, a gifted singer and a willing partner in crime. She has a crystal-clear alto voice, Emmylou's gift for harmony, Patsy's way with a lyric and -- fortunately for Charlie -- Tonto's sense of loyalty.

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Gram Parsons fans, be sure to check out my tribute song/video "An Angel Grieves Again".

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