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Chaos Control is the co-creation of downtempo electronica producer Roger Groendyke (Mister Chill'R) and multimedia artist Brennan Murphey (Planewalker). The compositions are vast sonic vistas blending together sounds of the natural world, dubinfluenced chill-out grooves and airy vocals to create an extended listening experience. The theme is personal transformation, represented by the name of their forthcoming full-length debut album, "Elemental Alchemy". This album bridges the abyss between pop and the outer limits of ambient space that have been the trademark quality of the first two Mister Chill'R albums, which Planewalker also engineered and mastered. The result is best described as a cross between Brian Eno and Enigma, with a psychedelic twist.

Mister Chill'R is one of downtempo electronica's most unusual personalities, releasing his debut album "Alien Unfolding" at the age of 68. He has since taken up performing at clubs in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, making a serious impression on crowds one-half to one-third his age. Any comments on his post-retirement choice of direction are generally answered with his signature mottos, "it's never too late to have a happy childhood" and "I'll act my age in my next life!" His music "jumps out of the speakers with a desire to be heard, but is chilled out at the same time," says Computer Music Magazine.

Planewalker, at 28, is an artist of many mediums and a seasoned performer, with seven album releases under various aliases which range in style from hip-hop to psytrance. Armed with a computer, a pair of guitars, a projector, and his voice, he brings both live instrumentation and video elements to the groups' performances. His psychedelic influence on the sound is evident in the brain-tickling effects and intricate rhythms that meander in and out through Mister Chill'R's steady beats. As a Planewalker fan says, "it turns my brain into a gyroscope!"

The unlikely pair began their journey as teacher and student, with Roger taking Brennan's music production course at Portland's Spun Academy in 2007. The relationship evolved into a lasting musical partnership. Brennan explains, "When I met Roger, I had no idea how far this would go. In three years it went from teaching him how to use an EQ to performing next to him on stage."

The music evolved further with the addition of vocals by solo artist Holly Nelson and vocalist Celeste Goguen, providing a balance for Brennan's baritone voice. Holly's talents are evident in the songwriting for the group and in the vocals on the recorded versions of the songs. Celeste lends her performance skills as an opera singer to the group's live shows, adding a unique energy to the music.

In a unique blend of nature, technology, and magic, the music of Chaos Control achieves a balance between extremes. Experientially, it opens your heart and puts your head in the clouds while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.

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