"Byron Fry is an arranger/producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist/guitar virtuoso. Well known in the L.A. music scene, he has only recently turned his attention to writing and producing his own killer, guitar-oriented rock-fusion. Byron has recently completed a new CD, EXPLOSIVE, as a follow-up to his debut CD, COMBUSTIBLE.

As a producer of guitar recordings with the likes of FRANK GAMBALE, ALLAN HOLDSWORTH, SHAWN LANE, BRETT GARSED, SCOTT MISHOE, CARL VERHEYEN and a host of others, I know guitar talent when I hear it. Byron Fry is definitely in that league."

-Mark Varney, producer of iconic Guitar albums 'Truth in Shredding' and 'Centrifugal Funk'

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As a professional musician, Byron has worked with Michael MacDonald, Tiffany, Michael McKnight, Billy Davis Jr, Barry Coffing and a slew of other #1 hit artists in the studio and on stage; as a Composer / Arranger / Producer, he's scored many hours of footage for Film and TV and written, arranged and produced every style for live shows and records. He's worked with NBC, FOX, Discovery, ABC, Warner, Motown etc. and has been on many live international TV concert broadcasts, movies and TV shows; he's been musical director of a $250,000.00 theatrical musical's 3-month run, written a symphony and conducted its premier. In 2010, he spearheaded the writing of a major-label rock opera by an international team with multiple platinum records and number one hits under its belt.

In his career, he's played every genre in every kind of project; among the LA studio musicians he's known for two things: one is that he's one of the most versatile guys on Earth; the other is his perfect pitch.  It is this uniquely diverse background that makes him a great fit for your project, whether you're looking for a Producer, Musical Director, Film Composer, Guiatrist or Teacher / Clinician.

For more about Byron's bio and credits, feel free to visit his website: http://www.byronfrymusic.com/CREDITS.html

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