Burn, baby burn...

On stage, Burn The Drama are electric. It's a dynamic display of energy, physicality, sweat and loud, genuine, satisfying dirty rock. They're in-your-face and gritty, cynical, brash and emotive, yet always driven with an energy born out of their turbulent past.

Since 2007, Burn The Drama have crept beyond the consciousness of the Sydney music scene.
Their shout-out-loud choruses and growling, distorted riffs have been heard on Triple J, underground radio and mainstream media. It has also earned them a MusicOz award for the best rock act (2007), interviews and performances on Channel V and MTV, and a sync/appearance on a national TV advertising campaign. Even so, the roots of the band stay entrenched with the dirty rock and loud energy that stands in the spectrum that spans indie and alternative rock. This, when seen live, is an explosive experience.

All this has led to their work with Aria award-winning producer Paul McKercher (Eskimo Joe, Sarah Blasko, You Am I, Augie March, Little Birdy, Something For Kate, Magic Dirt...). After a year of perfecting the sound and production, the process yielded a record full of solid, grit-laden songs that reflect the band's passion for their live shows and a lyrical sentiment that lies somewhere between sarcasm and honesty. In 2009, the band will be on the road to promote their first release on the back of the capacity crowd at their record launch.

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