Starting at 13 playing bluegrass music, During the mid 50's and late 60's I worked with many local Maryland, Washington D.C. R & B Bands Then an opportunity took me to the Big Apple working with some of the better known Artists of R & B era.

In 1968, family responsibilities took me away from the spotlights, ending my dreams of being a known entertainer ... So I began writing and taping various types of music and lyrics.

In 2006 my children had discover several of the tapes I'd composed, persuading me to continue my efforts into more than just a hobby.

In 2007, I joined ASCAP and Broadjam, then
assembled a mini-studio using a multitrack recorder ...

At my age, to be heard or even recognized as the writer of song you like, I say "Thank You" and always remember " For such is the life of a Struggling Musician "


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Buddy Lee Rimar
over 30 days ago to Buddy Lee Rimar

Roy .. Sorry to bother you, But I keep getting notices at my E-mail address from BJ that someone has responded to ??? or maybe something I've recently posted. But can not retrive when I click-on the link.

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