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My name is Branislaus and my genesis is this. Through knowledge and intent, I have become Branislaus: Always learning about this world. Constantly improving my presence. Manifesting authority over my abilities and pride. I enjoy sharing and making magic happen. I love to touch the keyboard in a sensitive way and hear beautiful music come out. Connecting intuitively and continually with the mysteries of life to realize my own identity within the whole of creation. I feel enchanted by the world as I enjoy the creative and spiritual growth that threads its way from the past to the present. I have long been inspired by epic pianists and composers such as Frederic Chopin, Franz Liszt, and Ignace Paderewski, who were all well celebrated for their emotional musical styles and communicative skills. I Branislaus, strive to be a modern descendant of these masters and their ideals.

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Branislaus is a classical / new age pianist and composer who also writes lyrics and complete song arrangements in Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, and Reggae styles. Also has large library of instrumental recordings suitable for movie,TV, or video soundtracks - Originals & Public Domain!
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